Twin clubs

Twin clubs: a new initiative created by Hawick RFC

Twin Rugby Clubs is an endeavour to strengthen links throughout the rugby family of the world.

It is intended to formalise players or coaches moving between the twinned rugby clubs as well as sharing ideas on fundraising, coach development and best practice in clubs.

Towns and cities are twinned, so why not rugby clubs?

Hawick RFC would like to thank the following clubs for coming on board with this new initiative and would be keen to speak to any other interested clubs.

Please contact to discuss further.

Pictured left are Hawick's Murray Watson meeting Ottowa Indians Jason Duff and Dave Naylor who is formerly of Hawick.

Click on the logos to go to the clubs' websites
Ballymena RFC
Ballymena, Co Antrim
North Eagles RFC
Brisbane, Australia
Poneke RFC
Wellington, NZ
Wests RFC
Canberra, Australia
Ottawa Ospreys RFC
Ottawa, Canada