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Training start at 9:30am on Sundays and will last approx 1 hour at the 3G pitch

Each player to bring 1 on training days only

Game days start at 11am unless otherwise notified

Players to be at venues for 10.30am

Cars will be taken to all away fixtures

In the unlikely event of cancelations, announcements will be made on Radio Borders, Facebook and via email.

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Hawick Minis Contacts for Season 2017-2018

Co-ordinators - Laura Halliday - 07810 140784

                      Rachel Halliday - 07740 324605 

Hon Treasurer - John Yallop

Child protection officer - David Oliver - 07747 023561


P1/2 - Colin Telfer - 07895 756017

P3 - Scott McLeod - 07971 819895

P4 - Kevin Reid - 07790 130223

P5 - Greg Thomson - 07701 002362

P6 - Greg McLeod - 07788 636026

P7 - Chris Muir - 07858 028605

Hawick Minis Facebook page

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The Good Parent/Guardian/Coaches/Code of conduct

This season we will be asking both team coaches to stand together in the middle 2mtrs, back from touch line with calm order.

Remember that young people play rugby for their own enjoyment NOT that of their parents/coaches.

Focus on the young players' efforts rather than winning or losing! And don't be a referee during the game, let them explore the game; this is a good way for children to learn the game.

Be realistic about the young players' ability; DO NOT push them towards a level that they are not capable of achieving.

Provide positive verbal feedback both in training and during the game. Remember that persistent, negative messages will adversely affect both the players' and referee's performance and more importantly attitude.

Always support the rugby club in their efforts to eradicate loud, coarse and abusive behaviour from the game! Remember young people are influenced by their elders who, should lead by example.Always show appreciation of good play by all young players both from your team and the opposition!!!!!!!!!!!

Respect decisions made by the match officials and encourage the young players to do likewise.

It is in the interest of both the coaches and children that the games are competitive in every aspect and as such, through discussion, change the teams accordingly to facilitate a more even contest, (informing the referee of any relevant changes). Otherwise a one sided game will only succeed in discouraging any involvement of the children who are getting well beaten every week.

Children go to training to play rugby. So we must, as coaches make a great effort to giving each child equal game time! Even if this is to the detriment of the victory.

Did you know these laws for our Kids game?

1/ No targeting the ball in open play the attacking player must have the opportunity to pass the ball away = this should mean there should be no mauls during the game except maybe from a lineout.

2/All tackles from the waist and below.

3/ No hand offs = carrying the ball in two hands will prevent this.

4/ No cavalry charges permitted at least two passes must be made before contact.

5/ No pushing in the scrums i.e. uncontested, but you can contend hooking ball.

6/ At scrums the defending scrum half must stay in the middle channel until the ball has been played.

Car Parking

Due to Health & Safety reasons parents and helpers are now no longer permitted to park their cars in the through road at the side of the main Hawick facility, you must now park to the back of the Stand and enter through the Main Stand for ALL training and tournament days