Melrose v Hawick

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18th February 2017 - MELROSE 34, HAWICK 7

The Greens were comprehensively beaten 34 7 at The Greenyards on Saturday when they had a plethora of injuries, and ended up with only 13 men on the park at the conclusion of this match.

Melrose were very clinical in the first half and were comfortably 27 0 up at the break. Hawick first up tackling was poor and this allowed the home side to dominate, especially with their impressive back division.

To be fair to the Greens did well in  the second half and it was only 7 7  with Ali Weir scoring their only try. When you take into account Rory Hutton and Bruce McNeil both received yellow cards this was a great achievement.

However, the main talking point was the injuries to Shawn Muir and Kirk Ford, who both required further treatment at the BGH and Lee Armstrong and Grant Huggan. Edinburgh professional player, Kevin Bryce only played 50 minutes as well. Wez Hamilton, in his last game for the Greens, and Matt Landels also picked up knocks.

All in all a disappointing day for the Greens and now they must wait till at least the end of April to play the play off match against the second placed team in National One.