Centurion Club: developing youth and junior talent


If you wish to become a Centurion please contact the Secretary, John Thorburn.

Hawick RFC Centurion  Club

Hawick RFC’s Centurion Club continues to go from strength to strength but we still need to find new members to continue the good work that has been undertaken.

Any of you will recall that the Centurion Club was set up at the beginning of Season 12/13 and we have been successful in attracting more than 50 members for this club that has helped to promote rugby in the young players in Hawick.

The aim of the Centurion Club is to enable Hawick to continue the conveyor belt of bringing through its best players so that they can fulfil their potential and pull on a green jersey. Over the years Hawick has produced many great players for the Greens and indeed for the South, the Borders, Scotland and the Lions. We hope and expect to continue that trend but nowadays the specialist coaching and input, and extra hours, that young men of this potential need generally has to be given as an addition to the standard weekly coaching.

Therefore we at Hawick RFC established the Centurion Club to pay for additional coaching and facilities for the better young players aged from 12 to 17 to help them as they progress through the age groups and sides with a view to building the core base of great young rugby players of the future at Hawick.

Ever mindful of the fact that other clubs throughout Scotland have big money backers who can provide lots of funds, or large sponsors who can do the same, we at Hawick are trying to ensure that we don’t need to buy in success but can breed it and nurture it within the town.

There are still places available within the Centurion Club as our work continues from year to year providing this extra help through coaching of the very highest level for these young men. I hope you will consider joining the Centurion Club for a one off cost of 500 and I would be happy to share any information about it with any potential members.

Yours faithfully

Rory Bannerman

Hawick RFC Secretary

The Centurion Club was established in 2012 as a fund-raising vehicle for specific key purposes within the club. It is open to anyone who wishes to support Hawick Rugby Football Club by making a donation of 500 - either one-off or in instalments. They can be club members, supporters, businesses, or simply friends of HRFC. We are aiming for 100 generous donors - hence the club name - giving us an ultimate target of 50,000.

The Centurion Club funding is all about the future. Virtually all rugby clubs in Scotland are looking at ways of increasing their financial stability and ability to strengthen the playing resource. Hawick is no different.

We have seen the effects on our team from other clubs who are in a better position to offer financial incentives to successful players and coaches, and we have been disadvantaged by that behaviour in the past. The Hawick committee and coaching staff firmly believe that short-term financial gain for key players is not a secure or stable way to ensure the long-term continuing success of this club.

Rather, we believe that the ability to guarantee consistent and professional coaching and to focus on the future development of youth and junior talent is the way forward. Hawick has always been a source of outstanding rugby talent and we want to ensure that tradition continues. We want to provide elite 1:1 coaching for the town's most promising young players via an academy type system and so encourage a steady progression of rugby talent from within the area.

The funding raised from this initiative will not be used for short-term financial inducements to a few key players but will be used carefully and imaginatively to help Hawick RFC build a strong foundation for the future.

The generosity of Centurion Club members will be recognised by a small gift of a tie or scarf and members will be welcomed by the President at a club lunch. Importantly, the vast majority of the funding will be used to identify, enhance and promote young talent. Future Centurion Club news or events will be highlighted on the website.