Centurion Development Club: developing youth and junior talent


If you wish to become a Centurion please contact the Secretary, John Thorburn.

Hawick RFC Centurion  Development Club

I’m sure it will not have escaped your attention that last season we successfully resurrected Hawick Force (our second team) who took all before them and went through the season with only one extremely narrow defeat, in a way that allowed our youngsters to develop into senior rugby players.

With the unparalleled history that Hawick RFC has, it is clear that Super Six is a potential danger for us in the future, where some of our best young elite talent may be taken from us to play for clubs that would not be the first choice of any young Teri.

With that in mind, I reflected upon my last period as President of Hawick RFC where many members and friends of Hawick RFC very kindly donated 500 to start up the Centurion Club. That enabled us to in-gather sufficient funds for Nikki Walker and others, over a 6 year period, to spend specialist time developing the youngsters of Hawick with a view to taking the field in a green jersey.

Now it is even more important to continue that development. The original Centurion funds have all been used up and so I am writing to friends and members alike to ask that you consider making a donation (or series of donations) to the Hawick RFC Centurion Development Club fund. The Centurion Development Club is an exclusive club but open to all, it is exclusive because its funds will be exclusively used for the development of youngsters who will aspire to wear the green jersey, as we bid to develop all of Hawick’s young rugby talent and channel their efforts towards playing on Mansfield Park and joining the Force of Hawick RFC in years to come.

The success of the Force shows us that the youngsters of age range 17 to 24 is thriving in Hawick but as we look around and see that numbers are beginning to dwindle, I reflect upon the fact that youth development is vital to try and keep youngsters interested in rugby and keep their ambition focused on wearing the ancient, and most famous, green jersey.

In that regard I ask you to consider becoming a member of Hawick RFC Centurion Development Club. This can be done with a one off 500 payment payable to Hawick RFC or can be done by five instalments of 100 per annum over the next 5 years beginning this autumn. Either mechanism to pay 500 would be gratefully received by Hawick RFC. Funds would only be used for development of youngsters, whether it be towards assistance of the work that Rocky and David Oliver wonderfully do throughout the town, or towards coaching classes for developing youngsters on a one to one (or group) basis, we will use the funds wisely and will ring fence them only for youth development. We have a track record of developing wonderful young talent throughout the town from primary school age through to early 20s and this must continue to be the aim of Hawick RFC, we need a large number of youngsters to stave of any threat from the “Super” 6.

Membership of the Centurion Development Club would ensure that members would be valued by the club, would be recognised as such with an annual lunch, regular information given, and there would be a small joining gift to welcome your kind donation. If you wish to take out the annual payment plan then the first 100 would be payable also to Hawick RFC this autumn and then annually from then on through to 2022.

Funds are vital when we will always struggle to compete, in the finance stakes, with the many much richer clubs in Scotland. However with your help we can continue to properly develop a great range of young talent in Hawick, aiming to do so for the benefit of Hawick RFC. I hope you will favourably consider this and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me on rory@bannermanburke.co.uk or 07974685787.